Trust the team at Xtreme Flooring Solutions for all of your carpet binding needs. Carpet binding is a service wherein we take carpet remnants, and bind the edges with a strip of fabric, effectively turning the remnant into a beautiful rug, runner, or mat. Carpet binding is an eco-friendly way to obtain an area rug as it makes use of carpet scraps or remnants. The team at Xtreme Flooring Solution is ready, willing, and able to provide carpet binding services for you. 

Carpet-Binding | Xtreme Carpet Care
Patterned carpet in bright workspace interior | Xtreme Carpet Care

Interested In Our Carpet Binding Services?

Simply click the button below to speak to a member of our team about our carpet binding services. If you're looking for a low-cost and environmentally conscious way to decorate your home then carpet binding might be a great option for you! We'll create area rugs, runners, mats, and more.