Daily carpet is a relatively simple process. By investing in a quality vacuum and putting it to work on a regular basis, you can actively prolong the lifespan of your carpet flooring. With dirt, dust, and other debris, your carpet can take on a weathered and grungy look, but vacuuming helps to prevent that from happening. You might also consider placing entry mats at entrances to your home and encouraging guests to remove their shoes before stepping on your carpet. These, seemingly, very minor things can make a major difference in keeping your carpet looking great and functioning well. 

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Of all of the flooring options out there, carpet is the most vulnerable to stains. However, that doesn't mean that when a spill occurs that a stain is certain to happen. To prevent a spill from turning into a stain, you must address the mess immediately. First, absorb the mess with a towel. Then you can find a second towel, soak it in cold water, and dab the spill. If the stain persists, consult your manufacturer.