Tile is a fairly durable flooring material, which means that daily care is quite simple. With tile, and any other type of flooring, the goal is to keep it looking clean day in and day out. This can be done by investing in a broom and dustpan and putting them both to work on a daily basis. To keep your tile looking pristine, sweeping will need to be a regular occurrence. You may use a rag or chamois mop on your tile floors as needed, but be wary about cleaning with too much water as it could work its way into your subflooring, causing damage. 

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With tile, stains are not much cause for concern. Of course, that doesn't mean that if a spill occurs that it shouldn't be addressed quickly. When and if a spill takes place on your tile flooring, wipe up the substance in a timely manner using a dry cloth. If the liquid is left for too long it could find its way into your subflooring, causing damage. With tile, spills are nothing to panic about!