Daily vinyl care is a fairly simple process for homeowners. The first step in caring for your vinyl floors is to invest in a broom and dustpan and put them both to work on a daily basis. Sweeping your vinyl floors is important as it helps to remove dirt, dust, and other debris that can scratch, scrape, and otherwise harm your vinyl flooring. You may also elect to use a chamois mop on your vinyl floors, but be wary of cleaning with too much water as it could harm your vinyl flooring. On the whole, vinyl care starts and ends with the broom, it's that easy. 

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With vinyl, spills are not much cause for concern so long as you address the mess immediately. When/if you spill a substance on your vinyl floor, find yourself a cloth and wipe the mess up to avoid damage. If left for too long, the substance could cause damage to your vinyl and subflooring. When in doubt, consult your manufacturer for best practices on how to care for your vinyl floor.